COVID-19 Solutions

Effective solutions to manage the spread of illness

Advent Security are the leaders in providing effective solutions for businesses in helping to manage the spread of potential illness.

We have an array of efficient and innovative technologies which can be customised based on an organisations needs. Our goal is to help businesses do everything they can to keep employees safe and ultimately remain operational during these times.

Thermal Body Temperature Imaging

Fast, efficient, real-time detection of body temperature of all individuals entering a building at any given time....Read More

Advent Security Crowd Control Occupancy

Crowd Occupancy Control

By quick and automatically detect entrants entering or exiting a space, this technology provides accurate counts of people present to ensure rules and measures are being followed....Read More

Advent Security Thermal Human Body Temperature Measuring

Temperature Monitoring Technology

Our Temperature Monitoring Technology can analyse, visualise, and display skin temperature from as far as a 3 metre distance instantly....Read More

Disclaimer: This temperature monitoring technology is not intended to diagnose or detect medical conditions but is used to perform a preliminary screening to detect variations in body temperatures. Any elevated body temperature should be confirmed with a secondary evaluation method which is TGA approved.

Our advanced solutions are assisting banks, healthcare facilities and large logistic companies to successfully keep their workplaces safe. Our offerings are fast and effective, offering real time detection solutions that are customisable based on your businesses needs.

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