Temperature Monitoring Technology

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Temperature Monitoring Technology

This solution offers fast, efficient, real-time detection of body temperature of all individuals entering a building at any given time. This fully automated, no-contact technology detects abnormal temperature and alerts businesses of those who may be at risk of illness to ensure immediate action is taken.

Our Temperature Monitoring products also incorporate Facial Recognition technology which detects the faces of those who have passed through the terminal and stores them in an advanced database. This technology provides an efficient way to detect the identity of the infected individual and helps to easily contact trace those who may have been in direct contact and may also be at risk.


  • Mass deployable
  • Frontline protection for populated spaces
  • Incorporates Facial Recognition technology
  • Latest innovative IR technology
  • Fully automated
  • No-contact solution
  • Provides a preliminary screening process
    before a TGA medical approved device
    is utilised.


  • High thermal sensitivity of temperature, abnormal temperature alarm
  • No-contact access to reduce cross-infection
  • Large storage of facial images and temperature information
  • Fast access to prevent congestion
  • May assist with contact tracing or back-tracking of individuals with elevated temperatures.

Disclaimer: This temperature monitoring technology is not intended to diagnose or detect medical conditions but is used to perform a preliminary screening to detect variations in body temperatures. Any elevated body temperature should be confirmed with a secondary evaluation method which is TGA approved.

Application Scenario

Commercial Building Security Services

Commercial Building

Thermal Monitoring Scenario Factory


Thermal Monitoring Scenario Office Building

Office Building

Thermal Monitoring Scenario School