Insolvency Services

Advent Security are the leaders in supplying security expertise in insolvency disputes

Advent Security Insolvency Services

Advent Security are the leaders in supplying security expertise in insolvency disputes, with over 31 years of industry experience.

We will assist you with the repossessing and securing of properties, vehicles, logistic assets, planes and any other requirements relevant to insolvency.

Our manpower and supervision teams are skilled in this field and can competently manage disgruntled owners at a time where emotions can run high. We also liaise with staff, media and local Police during and prior to action being taken to ensure a smooth process.

Why Choose Advent Security?

  1. We plan the operation from the beginning in conjunction with our client, to ensure a smooth transaction of assets. Detailed briefings are held with the selected security personnel to safeguard against any issues that may arise.

  2. Advent Security seeks out and liaises with all relevant governing bodies associated with the operation at hand, including staff, media and local Police..

  3. Advent Security’s management team are well versed in all factors that apply to executing a planned operation. All activities are thoroughly planned in advance together with the input of our national management body in addition to our client and their legal team

  4. All staff assigned to the job are meticulously selected, with prior experience in this type of operation.

  5. We systematically dissect and close off any potential future issues by others prior to the event. Our proven history in successfully dealing with matters of insolvency and performing the operation correctly ensures both our client and Advent Security do not leave any counter claim by the other side open.

Why Choose Advent Security

How Advent Security Will Help You

With a breadth of experience performing insolvency security tasks for a range of organisations both on a state and national basis, Advent Security have amassed an impeccable record, with no recourse on our operations and executions of security activities.

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