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Man installing CCTV on wall to improve home security.

8 Ways To Improve Home Security

Your home is your sanctity. It’s a place of comfort and security, and for most of us, it’s where we spend the majority of our time. The thought of an intruder making their way into your home without your knowing, helping themselves to your possessions, vandalising the premises, and having access to your utmost personal […] more

security guard

Do You Really Need Private Security Guards? Yes, and Here’s Why.

If you’re among the many Australians who wonder if they need to hire private security, this is for you. We know that the decision isn’t always straightforward. You might think, “I live in a safe neighbourhood, so why would I need one?” or, “I have high-tech security systems; isn’t that enough?”  The truth is, no […] more

crime scene

Crime rate in Australia–how has it changed in the last five years?

In 2017-2018, Australia recorded a crime rate of approximately 2,373.8 crimes per 100,000 people. By 2021-2022, this number decreased to roughly 2,117.7 crimes per 100,000 people, representing an overall decline of about 10.8%. However, the path to this decrease was not a straight one. During the five-year period, we witnessed some fluctuations in crime rates.  […] more

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What are the benefits of ISO accreditation for customers?

You’ve probably seen many ISO-certified businesses and wondered, “What does that have to do with me?” Of course, it’s a valid question, but the truth is that ISO certification can significantly impact you as a customer. By choosing to do business with ISO-certified companies such as Advent Security, you can enjoy a wide range of […] more

Retail Security in Shopping Centre on Escalator

6 Ways to Improve Your Retail Security

How do I secure my retail store? $9.5 billion. That’s how much retailers lose each year to theft, according to the Australian Retailers Association. And that number is rising. With the rise of organised retail crime and the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals, it’s more important than ever to take steps to secure your retail store.  […] more

Pancare and Advent Security

Pancreatic & Stomach Cancer Awareness Month: Michael’s Story

November marks Pancreatic & Stomach Cancer Awareness Month, which statistically has some of the lowest survival rates out of all the major cancers. With over 12,000 Australians diagnosed per year, more than 8,000 with die. On average only 20% of those diagnosed will survive 5 years. I know first-hand how devastating this disease can be, […] more

Pancare and Advent Security

Values in Action

Advent Security Values in Action November marks Pancreatic & Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. Advent Security are committed to Pancare Foundation’s mission to educate us all about the signs and symptoms of pancreatic and stomach cancers and, improve the lives of patients, carers and families suffering with this awful disease. The tragic loss of close friends […] more

International Security Officers Day 2021 – Celebrating Antoni

International Security Officers Day 2021 – Celebrating Antoni 22 years in the one job speaks volumes for both the employer and employee! Antoni Mburuja is celebrating 22 continuous years of service with Advent Security. Antoni has worked across various industry sectors and rates American Express as a highlight in his career. “Antoni is loyal, dedicated […] more

Moving to make a difference: The Austin Health 1000 Minute Challenge

Advent Security is proud of our relationship with Austin Health, providing security services to this vital organisation since the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.   This year, we are proud to take our relationship a step further, becoming major sponsors for the inaugural Austin Health 1000 Minute Challenge.  By moving just over […] more

Advent Security supporting the community Lakes Entrance Fire Brigade

Advent Security supporting the community – Lakes Entrance Fire Brigade

The work of fire brigades does not go unnoticed, especially in Australia, with serious bushfires ravaging our country each year, in addition to the accidents, dangerous situations and emergencies that fire stations respond to on a daily basis. Advent Security are therefore proud to donate Pelican Torches to all members at Lakes Entrance Fire Brigade. […] more