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Pancare Unite for Hope

Advent’s Pancare Partnership At Advent Security, we are deeply committed to giving back to our community. This commitment is demonstrated through our ongoing partnership with the Pancare Foundation, an extraordinary organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives of Australians impacted by pancreatic, liver, biliary, and other gastrointestinal cancers. As part of our commitment to supporting Pancare, […] more

2024 Australian Achiever Awards

ADVENT SECURITY SERVICES SCORES 90.16% FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION The judging process for the 2024 Australian Achiever Awards for Australia’s Security Industry- Guard & Patrol Services category was completed on 17th May. Advent Security Services scored a highly recommended 90.16%. Now in its twenty-seventh year, the Australian Achiever Awards are an independent, unbiased award system based […] more

Chern’ee Sutton’s Advent Story

Chern’ee Sutton is a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people. Chern’ee skilfully captured Advent Security’s journey in her painting, and this collaboration represents Advent Security’s ongoing commitment to supporting and celebrating First Nations people. Chern’ee’s work not only adds depth to our brand story, but also enriches our company culture with its vivid and […] more

Kickin with a Cuz training session

Kickin’ with a Cuz

Advent Security’s Indigenous and Diversity Manager Jade North runs the Kickin’ with a Cuz program, an inspiring Indigenous football program that creates pathways for young Indigenous people to embrace the beautiful game of football, while also developing crucial life skills. Advent’s partnership with this incredible initiative stems from a shared vision of empowerment and support […] more

Front view of Advent Security's electric car used at the Port of Melbourne

Driving Sustainability and Security

At Advent Security, we are driven by innovation and excellence, and we believe in pushing the boundaries to create a safer, greener world. Our latest partnership with the Port of Melbourne signifies a groundbreaking endeavor that not only aligns cutting-edge security solutions with Advent Security’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, but also reflects our deep-seated […] more


In today’s world, where sustainability and advanced technology integration are critical, PowerStack is leading the charge with its revolutionary off-grid solar power solutions. This intelligent modular solar system is transforming the way safety, security, and smart technologies are powered, and it plays a crucial role in the operations of Advent Security. PowerStack is an innovative […] more

Man installing CCTV on wall to improve home security.

8 Ways To Improve Home Security

Your home is your sanctity. It’s a place of comfort and security, and for most of us, it’s where we spend the majority of our time. The thought of an intruder making their way into your home without your knowing, helping themselves to your possessions, vandalising the premises, and having access to your utmost personal […] more

security guard

Do You Really Need Private Security Guards? Yes, and Here’s Why.

If you’re among the many Australians who wonder if they need to hire private security, this is for you. We know that the decision isn’t always straightforward. You might think, “I live in a safe neighbourhood, so why would I need one?” or, “I have high-tech security systems; isn’t that enough?”  The truth is, no […] more

crime scene

Crime rate in Australia–how has it changed in the last five years?

In 2017-2018, Australia recorded a crime rate of approximately 2,373.8 crimes per 100,000 people. By 2021-2022, this number decreased to roughly 2,117.7 crimes per 100,000 people, representing an overall decline of about 10.8%. However, the path to this decrease was not a straight one. During the five-year period, we witnessed some fluctuations in crime rates.  […] more

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What are the benefits of ISO accreditation for customers?

You’ve probably seen many ISO-certified businesses and wondered, “What does that have to do with me?” Of course, it’s a valid question, but the truth is that ISO certification can significantly impact you as a customer. By choosing to do business with ISO-certified companies such as Advent Security, you can enjoy a wide range of […] more