Security Guard Services


Security personnel are often the first point of contact for tenants and their visitors, and therefore must promote a warm, friendly and helpful atmosphere.
Presentation in public is a key consideration when sourcing staff for corporate clients and we ensure all personnel have the communication, dress, bearing and personality required for the role.

With almost 100 years of accumulative experience in the industry, Advent Security has amassed the knowledge, flexibility and skills to tailor our security guard services to each client’s diverse internal and external security needs.

Among the high quality services we provide:

  • Static guards suitable for corporate, hotels, logistics, hospitals, retail & gatehouse
  • Boutique-style security
  • Escorts for high valued assets
  • Control room operations
  • Permanent patrols & alarm response

Premier Security Guard Services

Advent Security is committed to providing a professional and superior service, always. Our security guards are trained to the highest industry standard and are regularly appraised to ensure they remain the best in their field. All personnel are carefully screened to meet our stringent selection criteria and equipped with the necessary skills, experience and qualifications required to deliver a five-star security service.

Proven Track Record and Expertise

We have successfully provided security guard services to some of the country’s leading companies and organisations. And we have experience in a wide range of settings, from retailers requiring uniformed presence to corporate environments where professionalism and discretion are key factors. Our company and security guards are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to integrity, professionalism and commitment to customer service, so you can be sure that your property is secure and well-managed.

Cutting-Edge Security Strategies

Advent Security has the experience and expertise to develop, implement and maintain cutting-edge security strategies. We have an established reputation for delivering innovative solutions and staying ahead of the curve with new technologies. We also have extensive experience in electronic security systems, commercial security systems, security consultancy, and creating tailored security protocols for various corporate, retail, hotel and logistics settings. No matter the size of your organisation or the scope of your security needs, if you require a security guard in Australia, Advent Security has the personnel and systems in place to ensure the safety of your premises, personnel and assets.

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What can an unarmed security guard carry?
Unarmed security guards do not have weapons, but may carry certain items if they are trained and licensed to do so. They would also have a requirement in their role to have these items. Their best weapon is the ability to communicate in stressful situations.

How much does it cost to hire a security guard?
We pay our staff in accordance with the modern security award MA00016 and this varies due to the type of duties performed, location, competencies and risks associated with their roles. The best way to find the costs is to contact us and discuss your needs.

Do security guards carry firearms in Australia?
Security guards may carry firearms if they are trained, licensed and have the requirement in their roles. This is governed by police and strict adherence to all the laws relating to firearms are met and maintained and regular audits are conducted by police. Mostly cash in transit security and close personal protection guards carry in Australia.

Do I need a security guard for my business?
Security guards perform a variety of roles and we will work with you and agree on what tasks they will be required to do. The main tasks our guards perform are safety related, fire system monitoring, first aid, reporting incidents, maintenance issues,checks on buildings and equipment, CCTV and access control monitoring, assisting emergency services and engaging with a variety of stakeholders. Contact us or call (03) 9464 1666 to discuss your security needs.

How effective are security guards?
Security is an effective deterrent against crimes of all types, being able to respond to incidents straight away and work with police to help them catch any offenders. But their real value comes in all the tasks they perform in keeping your business safe and secure.