Crowd Occupancy Control

Count. Measure. Control

Crowd Occupancy Control

This advanced, non-contact solution records temperature information, automatically collecting the portraits of personnel, signalling an alert whenever an abnormal temperature is recorded.

With fast and accurate results, this solution assists with easy identification and information for contract tracing.


Far more efficient than manually counting individuals, thereby reducing business costs.

Government compliant: Assists businesses in being compliant with government rules and regulations.

Increases customer safety by providing a safe environment for individuals.

Automatic, accurate and easy to use.


  • Up to 98% counting accuracy rate.
  • Real-time data (system/counting/daily reports; time/ region reports).
  • Object tracking path.
  • Filter carts, children and strollers
  • Bi-directional counting on definable flow
  • Detection of U-turns to avoid double counting
  • Not Influenced by shadows, reflections or glare conditions.

Disclaimer: This technology is not intended to diagnose or detect medical conditions; it is used to assist with overall safety strategies by performing counts of individuals entering and leaving a certain area. Any symptoms associated with illness (including an elevated body temperature) should be confirmed with an evaluation method which is TGA approved.