Advent Security
A letter from our CEO, Peter Benney

CEO of Advent Security
Peter Benney – CEO

In this current climate regarding COVID-19, things are changing daily and will continue to do so over the months ahead and I just want to let you all know we are prepared to assist wherever we can.

Every issue has a resolution and Advent is excellent at this – problem solving and protection of assets, people and business in general – let us assist if you have something.

We are in constant discussions with our vast network of experts across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other areas of the world, drawing on vital information that is or has been confirmed either by The World Health Organisation (WHO) or the Australian Government Department of Health.

We all know there is loads of misinformation being circulated hence we’ve chosen to use those that make the decisions on a worldwide basis. I don’t look at or listen to Social Media, its content is not conclusive nor is it in a lot of cases correct.

Within Advents network of Associates, Consultants, Health, Local, State and Federal Government departments and Consultants to these bodies, we can listen to and confirm what is being discussed at a high level of Government and other bodies.

Advent senior staff are in constant contact with clients who are in need of assistance and those who currently are not, if you have a need or are wondering where assistance could be sought let us know we will surely be able to assist or direct you to a source of assistance.

We are in meetings daily working with our Operational staff members ensuring all sites have redundancy if there are cases of current staff levels that become infected with COVID 19, plus of course the day to day issues of annual leave and the like.

All National Staff members of the relevant state offices, Operational and Administration, have been separated and have been instructed to stay in line with advice of WHO and other edits I’ve sent out.

Our offices nationally are open as usual and will remain so. Those you normally deal with on matters of security will be available via mobile and video conferencing is also available to avoid unnecessary contact.


Peter Benney


Stay updated and find out the facts:

National Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080