Advent's Solar Solution

In today’s world, where sustainability and advanced technology integration are critical, PowerStack is leading the charge with its revolutionary off-grid solar power solutions. This intelligent modular solar system is transforming the way safety, security, and smart technologies are powered, and it plays a crucial role in the operations of Advent Security.

PowerStack is an innovative modular solar pole system that provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional power infrastructures. Its vertical design efficiently captures sunlight through a four-sided modular structure, overcoming the limitations of conventional solar setups. This off-grid solution powers various applications such as lighting, cameras, and wireless sensors without the need for extensive utility approvals, trenching, and cabling.

PowerStack is designed to perform in rugged environments, with a robust build that can withstand winds up to 250km/h (Category C Cyclone). It includes a minimum 5-day battery backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in adverse conditions. The vertical, four-sided design optimises solar harvesting throughout the day, particularly during winter months when sunlight is scarce.

A key feature of PowerStack is its rapid installation process. A two-person team can set up a PowerStack pole in under 30 minutes using basic hand tools, significantly reducing project timelines by up to 80%. This streamlined process minimises disruption and costs associated with traditional power installations. It can also power a range of technologies, from street lighting and surveillance cameras to Wi-Fi and IoT sensors. This flexibility makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications, ensuring reliable, off-grid power wherever it is needed.

Advent Security has seamlessly integrated PowerStack into their operations, leveraging its capabilities to enhance their security solutions. With PowerStack, Advent Security can deploy high-definition cameras and other surveillance equipment in remote or urban areas without relying on traditional power infrastructure. This allows for quick and efficient setup, reducing both costs and project timelines.

Traditional power installations often involve significant financial and environmental costs. PowerStack offers a green alternative, eliminating ongoing electricity expenses and reducing overall project costs by up to 50%. Its off-grid nature means projects can proceed without the need for disruptive and costly utility connections.

PowerStack provides reliable, sustainable power that meets the growing demands for smart, off-grid technologies. For Advent Security, PowerStack has proven to be an invaluable asset, enhancing our ability to deliver top-notch security solutions efficiently and sustainably.

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