Michael Hill
South West Regional Manager

With a six year tenure at Advent Security, Michael Hill is a dedicated and driven professional who has seamlessly transitioned from the world of professional cricket to the world of security. His journey at Advent Security has been marked by personal and professional growth, and he currently serves as the South West Regional Manager, overseeing security operations in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Before his security career, Michael was known for his exploits on the cricket pitch, showcasing the same determination and tenacity that now define his approach to security management. His unique background in professional sports has provided him with a valuable perspective on teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking, which he applies to his role at Advent Security.

In his day-to-day responsibilities, Michael ensures that Advent Security’s guarding requirements are met, often juggling between the needs of different regions. While he occasionally assists with electronic security solutions, his focus primarily remains on managing the manpower aspect of the company, keeping him exceptionally busy.

Beyond the realm of security, Michael treasures quality time with family and friends, as well as indulging in his love for fine dining. He brings the same passion and enjoyment to his personal life as he does to his professional endeavors.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Advent Security, in Michael’s words, “is the opportunity to achieve positive outcomes in a challenging environment.” He appreciates the autonomy he has in his role and the chance to make a difference.

However, the vast geographical spread of his responsibilities poses a considerable challenge. Managing client expectations across such an expansive territory is no small feat, and Michael acknowledges the constant learning process that comes with his role.

Michael’s colleagues describe him as eager, driven, and a natural winner. They affectionately call him “Hilly.” With his sporting background, unwavering commitment, and passion for success, Michael Hill is an invaluable asset to the Advent Security team, driving the company’s commitment to providing top-tier security services.