Paul Gerard
National Operations Manager

For the past 22 years, Paul Gerard has been an integral part of the Advent Security team, rising through the ranks to become the National Operations Manager. His journey in the security industry began after an 18 year career as an automotive spare parts interpreter. Paul’s professional trajectory within Advent Security is marked by a series of accomplishments and a deep commitment to the company’s growth and success.

Paul’s impressive career at Advent Security started as a security officer, where he demonstrated his dedication and aptitude for the role. Remarkably, he was promoted to Patrolman and later assumed the role of After-hours Supervisor. Over the years, his journey continued through various positions within the operations department, ultimately leading him to his current role as National Operations Manager.

In this role, Paul plays a pivotal part in ensuring the effectiveness of the manpower side of Advent Security’s operations. His responsibilities include equipping the team with the necessary tools and support to excel in their roles, providing essential leadership and guidance to the Operational Management team, and offering support to security officers in the field. Paul’s dedication to his colleagues’ success is evident through his commitment to the company’s mission and values.

Outside of the office, Paul enjoys golf and dancing, allowing him to unwind and maintain a well-rounded lifestyle. One of the standout features of Advent Security, in Paul’s view, is that it’s a family-owned business that genuinely cares about its employees. This sense of camaraderie and care creates a supportive and motivating work environment.

In his role, Paul faces the challenge of managing diverse personalities and effectively communicating with individuals from all walks of life and various ethnic backgrounds. It’s a testament to his skills as a leader that his colleagues describe him as “firm, fair, and supportive.” These qualities not only make him an excellent leader but also a cherished part of the Advent Security family.