International Security Officers Day - Celebrating Antoni

International Security Officers Day 2021 – Celebrating Antoni

22 years in the one job speaks volumes for both the employer and employee!

Antoni Mburuja is celebrating 22 continuous years of service with Advent Security. Antoni has worked across various industry sectors and rates American Express as a highlight in his career.

“Antoni is loyal, dedicated and adaptable “.. – PJ Benney

Antoni has spent 17 years deployed across multiple American Express sites, covering many roles and credits his longevity with them to the mutual trust, respect, and appreciation both parties have developed for each other.

When Advent Security CEO, Peter Benney was asked to sum up Antoni in a few words, he said “that’s easy, Antoni is loyal, dedicated and adaptable which is testament to how many industry sectors he has worked across”.

We are extremely proud and grateful for him.

Congratulations Antoni on a wonderful 22-year career with Advent Security.