Stay Agile and Adaptive with Thermal Imaging and Monitoring Technologies

In the current climate, employers are left with significantly more responsibility to ensure their customers and staff are entering a workplace that is compliant with all health & safety regulations.

As a raised body temperature is one of the main indicators of illness, Thermal imaging and Monitoring technologies can assist businesses immensely by detecting the temperature of individuals in a fast, non-contact, efficient manner to alert of potential illness in all workplace sectors.

Australian owned Advent Security offers two different types of Thermal Imaging and Monitoring technologies, which can be applied to places which may hold mass gatherings, distribution/transportation centres and critical infrastructure both large and small.

Hospitals, schools, factories, universities, and corporate offices are just some examples of organisations which are already benefiting from implementing these solutions.

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THERMAL BODY TEMPERATURE IMAGING is specifically useful for the temperature detection of multiple people at a time, with extreme accuracy +-0.3 degrees Celsius. It can analyse, visualise, and display the skin temperature of individuals from as far as a 3-metre distance instantly and is most suitable for airports, public transport, commercial buildings and large apartments or any areas which have significantly high foot traffic/individuals exiting and entering at one time.

thermal imaging in use
Advent Security’s Thermal Imaging Technology

TEMPERATURE MONITORING TECHNOLOGY is another available solution which accurately measures the body temperature of individuals whilst also incorporating facial recognition technology to assist with easy identification and information for contact tracing. In the event an individual may become infected, employers can easily contact trace those who may have been in direct contact and whom may also be at risk of illness. 

Disclaimer: This temperature monitoring technology is not intended to diagnose or detect medical conditions but is used to perform a preliminary screening to detect variations in body temperatures. Any elevated body temperature should be confirmed with a secondary evaluation method which is TGA approved.

Advent Security Thermal Human Body Temperature Measuring
Facial Recognition Technology can be used for identification and contact tracing

How it works: Thermal Monitoring

Temperature  Monitoring


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Advent Security is proud to offer effective solutions for businesses to manage the spread of potential illness and help keep customers and staff as safe as possible in the current climate.

 It is a duty and moral responsibility for companies to look after an employee’s health and safety, and as businesses continue to face unprecedented changes, the need to stay innovative in regard to workplace safety is more relevant than ever.