Chern'ee Sutton
The Advent Story

Chern’ee Sutton is a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people. Chern’ee skilfully captured Advent Security’s journey in her painting, and this collaboration represents Advent Security’s ongoing commitment to supporting and celebrating First Nations people. Chern’ee’s work not only adds depth to our brand story, but also enriches our company culture with its vivid and meaningful narrative.

Cher’nee Sutton worked closely with the Benney family to bring her vision for her artwork to life. She incorporated their insights, blending themes and traditions of Advent with her personal style. This conversation inspired her to create a unique piece reflecting both the family’s experiences and her artistic interpretation.

In my painting, the large community symbol in the centre represents Advent Security, with the warriors protecting their land, just as Advent Security protects its clients. The U symbols around the community symbol represent the men and women who make up this great company, with the large orange U symbolizing the meaning behind Advent’s name, ‘Something New, Something Different.’

The shield and spears symbolise Advent defending their home country, protecting the regions where they work, and preserving the environment through the quality work they do. The many different coloured handprints within the shield represent the many guards that make up Advent, with the dots connecting them together representing the connection they have with each other as Advent is a family business.

The footprints that travel throughout the painting represent Advent’s journey from the past, to the present, and into the future. The Sun in the top right corner symbolises Advent’s mission: ‘To provide tailored security service solutions by bringing excellent service and value to our clients.’

The proud eagle flying through the artwork represents Advent’s motto, ‘Excellence in security,’ while the Rainbow Serpent in the top left represents Advent being Australian-owned, as well as its connection to the ancient lands it is built upon. The swift goanna on the right represents Advent’s promise: ‘We are solution-focused, always providing the right outcome on time and within budget.’ The kangaroo and emu symbolise Advent’s vision: ‘To lead the security services industry with innovation in technology, the best people, and the most progressive and agile solutions to exceed our clients’ needs.’ This vision helps Advent always move forward and never backward, just like the kangaroo and emu.

The four red stars within the rays of the sun represent Advent’s values: reducing environmental impact, fostering dialogue, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and embracing community responsibility. The nine grey circles in the background symbolise the services Advent provides. Finally, the mountains and water in the bottom right and black boys in the bottom left of the painting represent the diverse lands and environments Advent protects and works in.

We invite you to experience Chern’ee’s art and the story it tells. This extraordinary collaboration enriches our journey and helps us continue to serve our clients with excellence.